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This technique originates in the Indian Philosophy, Ayurveda. Mukha Abhyangam (Sanskrit for Face Massage) pairs the use of hands and Kansa wand with oil to stimulate the facial Marma Points.

These points are regarded as seats of vital energy, and their stimulation and the healing properties of the copper Kansa wand, promotes blood circulation, pH balance, lymph drainage, supple joints, as well as RELAXATION.

Regular treatments are known to result in “younger, brighter looking skin” like that of someone who has had a facelift.

This treatment involves the use of oil on the face (we love Jojoba), so with best intentions we can try to avoid dirtying your hair, but we strongly recommend treatment on a “washing day”, allowing access to your hair/scalp and to the full treatment experience.

Please where a low cut, or no shirt for treatment to allow access the decolletage area.

For a greater understanding and appreciation of the Ayurvedic Principles (“a complete philosophy of life, longevity and life”) please visit