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This technique originates in the Indian Philosophy, Ayurveda. Kansa Vatki (Sanskrit for Bronze Bowl) Foot Massage pairs the use of hands and Kansa Bowl with balm to stimulate the plantar Marma Points (similar to acupuncture but treat the region rather than a point).

These points are regarded as seats of vital energy, and their stimulation and the healing properties of the Kansa Bowl (70% copper, 30% tin) improves;

  • Blood and lymph circulation,
  • Enhances joint mobility, condition and strength in lower limbs (great for restless legs, peripheral neuropathy),
  • Helps detoxify the internal organs (drags out heat and acidity),
  • Activates the parasympathetic nervous system (reducing stress, anxiety, depression, inducing sleep).

We apply a balm as lubricant (we love SOL ghee) when performing this method. This extends from the sole of the foot up to the calf muscle, so please wear pants that can be pulled up past your knee, or be happy to dressed down your lower half for treatment.

For a greater understanding and appreciation of the Ayurvedic Principles (“a complete philosophy of life, longevity and life”) please visit