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The Office Well Being 15-minute Chair Massage will destress and refocus employees, which makes it a great tool for keeping up productivity. Stress and sitting at a desk for long periods contribute to symptoms like neck pain, back pain, headaches and postural syndromes creating less efficient workers. Rest breaks are important so why not try a massage at the same time. Head, neck and shoulder massage is a guaranteed hit in most workplaces.

How Does The Office Well Being Massage Work?

Our therapist will visit your place of work with a specialised massage chair, and successively treat staff for 15minute intervals. All treatments are worked through clothing. The massage is performed with the staff member seated either at the desk or workstation or in a quiet space in the office on our portable massage chair. Employees relax into the comfy massage chair and enjoy the short time away from their work to reconnect with themselves, refocus and recharge.

Payments can be made in one bank transfer/cash or individual payments cash payments. We do require a minimum of 6 clients to accept a booking for this treatment, be it a one-off visit or regular ongoing one.

Download the Office Well Being – 15 Minute Massage Flyer

Print off our flyer for your workplace and see who is else is ready to relax at work!