Lomi Lomi Massage Therapy


Lomi Lomi The Master Healers of Hawaii knew that there were special ways to release and unblock the powers of the body so that physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing could take place more quickly and completely. This unique bodywork is a subtle, yet powerful form of massage. Lomi Lomi literally means to push, pull and knead. This is a healing system which brings balance, restoration and heart-opening peace to the body.

While the technique is an important part of the massage and associated healing, much of the work is done by love, with the total focus of the practitioner on the client being deep and complete. Feeling love and compassion for the client, rather than treating them as an object to be ‘fixed’, allows for harmony to be created inside the body. This incorporates two of the main assumptions of Huna – everything seeks harmony and everything seeks love. Thus Lomi Lomi is also called ‘loving hands’ massage and works gently yet deeply into the muscles using continuous, flowing strokes, totally nurturing the body enabling the recipient to relax, give in and simply be.

With Lomi Lomi you can feel a ‘letting go’ of old beliefs, patterns and behaviours that no longer serve you and cause limitations. The Hawaiians look at life in terms of energy flow, following the premise that an idea or belief can block energy flow as much as muscle tension can. Using body and energy work to help release the blockages, while at the same time giving the energy new direction and set new patterns. This results in mental clarity and physical release allowing for powerful healing in yourself and your life.

Energy flows where attention goes, the therapist is totally focused on the clients body and being. It is more than simply touching the body, your being becomes one with the other, penetrating, making it soft and relaxing it at the deepest levels to restore balance and allow healing at the deepest levels of body, mind and spirit.

What are the benefits of a Lomi Lomi Treatment?

  • Opens heart
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Improves circulation
  • Releases blocked energy and emotions
  • Healing for mind, body and spirit
  • Stimulates immune respiratory, and digestive systems
  • Relaxes the mind, recharges the body
  • Nurtures calms and restores you to yourself

A typical hot stone and/or Lomi lomi massage is $95 for one hour and $150 for 90 minutes. This is due to the extra preparation and work involved in giving you these excellent treatments. These two styles can be combined.