Massage Therapies – a quick guide

a quick guide to our massage therapy services

click the therapy for a detailed explanation of these various styles of massage

pregnancy massage

massage to help you at this most precious time in your life

baby massage

a safe and nurturing massage encouraging bonding, digestion, circulation, awareness and sleep

myofascial release

an oil free style of deep tissue massage that encourages release with slow deep work

lomi lomi

often called heart to heart massage, a flowing inspired form of bodywork from Polynesia

sports massage

from the weekend warrior to the elite get those niggles before they become a full blown injury

deep tissue

specific massage techniques employed to address pain in targeted areas of your body (not a full body massage)

trigger point therapy

pressure applied to restrictions feeling like knots or tight bands in the soft tissues

relaxation massage

as the name says – time out. stop, enjoy, relax

hot stone massage

fabulous in winter time adding that bit extra to your massage

low level laser therapy

heat and light free infrared wavelengths to relieve pain and reduce inflammation