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120 Minute Voucher

120 Min Massage

120 Minute MassageTwo hours to suit your self. You can have you lower back worked on in a therapeutic style and follow it up with a relaxation massage. It is your choice how you spend the time during this extended massage session. 120 Minute Massage

$ 185.00

3 x 60 min

3 x 60 min Gift Vouchers

$ 270.00

5 x 60 min

5 x 60 min Gift Vouchers

$ 450.00

60 Minute Voucher

60 Min Massage

60 Minute MassageOur most popular treatment time is this one! Everyone can spare an hour to treat themselves to a massage. It is the recipients choice to have either a relaxation massage, or one treatment style massage to address any aches and pains they may have. 60 Minute Massage

$ 95.00

90 Minute Voucher

90 Min Massage

90 Minute MassageIndulge and give that little bit extra time to make the treatment that extra special. Ninety minutes gives the recipient time to truly unwind and enjoy the experience 90 Minute Massage

$ 140.00

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