Open for Business!!!

After several weeks of closure in response to the Covid-19 pandemic we have been advised that “remedial massage therapists are permitted to provide professional services at this time”. We look forward to re-opening at our  new location within Life Balance Health Care, Shop 6/75 Warburton Ave, Padbury Shopping Centre, Padbury with the return of school on Tuesday 28th April.

Strict Infection Control Procedures will continue to be in place. This includes spacing between treatments to minimise the number of clients in the building at one time, disinfecting of all surface areas within the room after all treatment sessions, as well as sanitiser being accessible in both reception and our treatment room.

The Massage and Myotherapy Association (MMA) consults with both state and national government on our behalf ensuring that we are practising within the up to date legislation, and more importantly that we are practising safely. You are welcome to visit MMA ( to answer any queries that you may have regarding the current legislation on remedial treatment at this time.

We hope that you are keeping safe and look forward to seeing you soon!!!

Welcome to Seacrest Massage

Seacrest Massage offers a range of remedial massages to help treat pain, muscle tension, tightness and reduced range of motion. Unlike regular massage therapists, our Remedial Massage therapists look at cause and effects to remedy tight and tender muscles.  We assess and screen postural holdings and movements to discern why you may be feeling a sharp pain between your shoulder blades; why you feel like you can’t stand up straight at the end of the day; why your legs feel tight and restricted even though you are very physically active. Our experienced team employing a variety of techniques we are able to soften and lengthen shortened muscles and other connective tissues, thereby restoring imbalances in soft tissue.

Your Seacrest Massage Experience

First Treatment
It is a requirement for all first-time clients to complete the New Customer Form. This allows our therapists insight into your life experiences and how they may have influenced your current manifesting ailments.  Once the Remedial Massage Therapists reviews your form they perform a palpatory assessment before administering remedial massage treatment.

Standard Appointment
Our standard appointment focuses on treatment as per the treatment plan discussed during the first initial appointment. It is also an opportunity to reassess your treatment and the stretches to aid your recovery.

It is important to note that everybody is different and responds differently to treatments. More than one visit is often necessary for effective treatment. Ongoing postural holdings can take several treatments to release and further hold that release.


Our Remedial Massage Therapists are registered with many private health funds. With instant access to our HICAPS terminal, rebates can be claimed on the spot. Click here to learn more.